Archer Vice: Good

Shortly, I’m going to be eating steak, and watching Archer, Season 5, Episode 1.

It will be good.

Because it’s Archer.

Archer is one of the things that’s good in the world, in a wickedly funny way. It is not meant for the sensitive, for the easily offended, or those who don’t get weird nerd/geek/obscure references/those who want to re-watch for the 7th time because: A.) It’s still funny B.) You’ve forgotten about all the funny stuff hidden in the background art. It’s meant for those with a dark and dry sense of humor who like their comedy combined with spies and their toys. I’m making it sound like a TV Happy Meal, but it’s far more.

Laughter, as long as it’s not at others, in a cruel way, is always good.


What’s Good In The World: Kristi Krings

I said when I started blogging again that this blog has a new purpose-to tell you about what’s good in the world.

Well, one of the things that’s really good in the world is putting good things into your 5 senses. Music is one of those things.

This is the 3rd in a video series I’ve been doing about music, and this music is my sister’s. I can honestly say that even if I wasn’t related to her, that I would still love this song.

It’s being remastered-and it’s coming through my computer to yours-so the sound isn’t perfect. But do yourself a favor and put it through some decent headphones or speakers. I think your soul will feel it more.

Relax, enjoy, comment, reply, retweet: however you got the information! And if you want to buy it, please contact


Congratulations and THANKS go to JOE for being The Biggest Munchkin and Scamming the Scammers in the most creative way I’ve heard of yet-which was to call them and yell at them in Arabic. You are SO getting a prize for that. What would you like?

Twitter is magic. It lets me talk to people I would otherwise never connect with. For any reason. Tonight, I got to chat about books and how they smell with composer Austin Wintory. I’ve got a neurofeedback project coming with his work and video games, and I’m very excited about it.

I got to chat with the wonderful Colleen Doran, who is “Thessaly” from The Sandman. She created art for the Sandman, and I’ve been loving her work for years. We had a silly chat about American Horror Story. I got an opportunity to tell her how much I love her work.

I love the magic technology provides in getting us connected and keeping us connected.

I keep making happy connections with other people who write books, make positive statements, work on suicide prevention, and create beautiful things.

I don’t care how many “followers” I have. I care that I keep meeting cool people.

I heard some nice things from people who tried the Conscious Living experiment…

One person said, “I felt like I looked at everything with new eyes.”

Another person said, “Life became interesting again.”

Another said, “I loved this. It was like learning how to do things all over again.”

Keep it coming.

It’s magic.

Yesterday & Today: Love Or Fear

Yesterday is about as mean as I ever get-just so you know. I used to have nicknames like, “The Verbal Machete” and “Killer” because I had an acid tongue and an attitude that was generally combative. I was afraid of a lot of things then. I felt that a good offense was the best defense. Now, I think the  natural inclination I had to reach out to people when I was younger and explore the world with wonder is the Way for Me.

So one thing I want to tell you guys about, and I really hope you think about, and put into Practice, because this is GOOD, is the practice of Conscious Living.

If you can do it as much as possible, you will see your life become magical in all kinds of ways-I promise.

Let’s take a very mundane task, like drinking a glass of water. It’s automatic. You’re thirsty, so you hydrate. You don’t think about it.

But WHY are you drinking the glass of water, besides the obvious fact that you’re thirsty?

Are you doing it because you are consciously thinking about putting something lovely into your body that it needs? Are you really enjoying the sensation of your thirst being quenched? Are you experiencing the taste?

Or are you drinking because if you don’t, you know you’ll get dehydrated, and that will lead to bad things?

Are you asking someone how they are because it’s an automatic social nicety? Or are you doing it because you actually CARE in that moment?

We get two choices, really-love or fear.

If you focus on doing even the most mundane task with love for yourself and/or others, I think you’ll love the effect.

Let me know how it goes at @KKringsLunder on Twitter or at [email protected]



Scamming The Scammers

SO. When I talked about wickedness yesterday, and having a wicked sense of humor-today presented a fine opportunity to make use of it. I think it’s funny anyway. Here’s the scenario…

I’m barely conscious. I’ve been wandering  blearily for about 2 minutes, and have just got the coffee going and figured out my gluten-free breakfast. I’ve begun to hydrate. This is a huge win for less than 5 minutes of consciousness. And then the phone starts going. It happens.

I take one call-it’s a patient needing to reschedule. No problem.

I take another call-this from one of my dad’s employees. He’s…concerned because he’s gotten a very nasty phone call saying we’re way behind on the power bill-and disconnect is due in one hour. He gives me the name and number of the lady he talked to. I tell him to look for a recent copy of the bill. This doesn’t seem remotely right. I mean, dad’s been sick, but we’re all paying attention to things like paying bills. So…I’m not at all sure about this. It seems like a scam, but you never know. (By the way, to anyone in the area-this is a scam being run with people posing as NorthWestern Energy.)

But I call the number-right away, I see it’s not a toll-free number, so I’m pretty sure I’m already NOT talking to the power company. “Amy” tells me the bill owing is $900.00 US. “Mmmmm,” I say, tasting my Lara Bar. “That’s a lot. So how long are you saying this bill has gone unpaid?”

“Amy” tells me she can’t actually check because, “our computer systems are being updated.”

“You’re able to tell me how much you think we owe, but you can’t tell me anything else?”


I sigh. “Well Amy…this is not good. You say you’re disconnecting the power in an hour?”

“Yes. This bill has to be paid immediately.”

I drink my coffee, breathing in the aroma. It’s awesome. “Amy”, on the other hand, is not awesome, although she’s doing her best to convince me she’s kind, and is “going to work with me.”

“Amy, you tell me how you’d like me to pay this bill.” I say, pondering whether I’m going to do my eye makeup with my Tarte Palette, or the Naked3 Kristi sent me for Christmas. I decide on Naked3.

In apologetic tones, “Amy” says, “Well, because our systems are down, we can’t accept credit or debit cards, or Western Union Payments.”

I pause, nibbling at the Lara Bar. It’s especially awesome with the coffee. Hazelnut and chocolate. Breakfast of This Champion.

“So how, exactly then, am I supposed to get this egregious sum of money to you?”

Amy generously offers to put us on a payment plan, as long as I cough up half the amount due today. She then asks, “So, do you have a Rite Aid nearby?”

I consider. I live in the largest city in 4 states, but Rite Aid is not one of our stores. It’s Walgreens and CVS here, baby. And Albertson’s. And Target. And 3 MFing Wal-Marts.

“No Amy, we don’t have that here.” I put as much distress into my voice as I can muster.

“How about a Dollar Tree, or a CVS Pharmacy?” Amy asks, helpfully.

A DOLLAR TREE? I think. At this point, we’ve hit hilarity. I mean really, the POWER company wants me to make a payment through a Dollar Tree?

“Yes Amy, there is a Dollar Tree nearby. Sort of. What exactly am I supposed to be doing at a Dollar Tree that pays this bill? You’ve pretty much completely lost me.”

Her headset/phone starts to go out, as if agreeing with me how lost this cause is. I feel sorry for it. It’s connected to such a terrible thing-her head.

I tell Amy she sounds like she’s underwater, while I obnoxiously slurp some coffee. You know, like soup, except I never do that, because my parents taught me not to. Like they taught me about fiddly silverware and other table manners I’ll never use unless I visit England or someone I’d be too nervous to eat around anyway. But I still remember them.

I contemplate gargling my water, and decide it would be too much effect at this point. I give her silence instead.

Amy says, “Is that better?” She’s adjusted her headset/pre-paid cell phone.

“Yes, much better,” I say. “So tell me again, what am I doing at the Dollar Tree?”

Amy happily announces to me that I will need to buy at “Green Dot Card and then call her back.”

A Green Dot Card sounds to me like some unholy union between a charity, an environmentalist cause, and something sinister, like a prison tattoo, if they gave you access to green ink. (Lot of ink dots in prisons. I worked in a prison, ok? I didn’t do TIME in one.)

“Amy,” I say, having googled the area code for the phone number she’s using, and seeing that she’s in Missouri. “What the hell is a Green Dot Card?” I’ve decided it’s ok to swear a little here. Let her think I’m good and confused. It will take up more of her time.

“Oh…” she says, as though explaining to someone very slow. “It’s just a prepaid credit/debit card. That’s all. But you have to bring cash to buy one.”

“Why, Amy, is THAT what has to be used? I just don’t get it. ” I’m starting  to think longingly of getting into a warm shower. The kitty is hanging out next to me. Kitty headbutts the phone. She knows there’s a calculated lunatic on the other end. She can smell crazy. I give her a pat.

“Amy” explains, although her patience seems to be fraying around the edges, just a little…”Well, that’s just what we use. And if you don’t want the power disconnected, you have to do this. Today. I can delay the service people for a little while, but only if I know you’re going to make this payment today.”

I wonder, briefly, if “Amy” has gotten out of some terrible life, where she’s been part of a human trafficking ring, and THIS is the better thing. Then I wonder if “Amy” is involved with some horrible phone pimp, who’s going to beat her if she doesn’t pull this scam off. I say a silent prayer for her, although I doubt this is the situation. It’s likely “Amy” is the brains behind the operation.

“Amy,” I say, “I will have to start my day much earlier than I normally do to take care of this. I’m going to have to make at least one stop before I go to the Dollar Tree, and that’s the bank. For all the cash to do this. That’s going to take longer than an hour.”

“Amy” tells me she will call the “service techs” and have them not disconnect. “But they’re going to want to talk to you, to confirm you’re paying,” she says.

“Ok,” I say, and hang up the phone.

I happily perform my ablutions, singing, “Sit Down You’re Rockin’ The Boat.”

When I am dressed and damn good and ready, I check the phone. I’ve missed 3 phone calls from the “service techs.”

I call the number back and get “Amy” again. “I missed the service techs,” I say. “I was in the shower.” I feel like giving “Amy” TMI right now. I want to tell her I have some horrible rash or an embarrassing personal problem, but I’m actually now in a hurry to get moving with the day.

“I’ll have them call you back” she says, a little shortly. “But you need to make sure you pick up the phone this time.”

The phone rings, instantly-a dead giveaway-silly scammers-it’s the SAME number “Amy” is calling me from.

I’ve got a man with a very thick Native accent telling me I need to make the payment quickly, “because our systems are very sensitive.”

“Your computer system that doesn’t work because it’s being updated is very sensitive?” I ask.

“Yes. This part of it is working. If you are one minute behind on payment, we will disconnect.”

“Ok” I say. I hang up, gather up my things, make sure the neurofeedback gear is in my bag, and that I am zipped up. It’s cold as hell outside. Like 9th circle cold.

In the meantime, I call my dad, just to be sure. I get our account number from him, and confirmation number of the last payment, which was December 11th. I call the Real power company.

After being informed there’s a 45-minute wait time, I decide that for once, I’ll actually hold. I’m not fooled by these jackasses, but someone elderly might be. Or someone with low IQ. I don’t want someone who can’t know better getting scammed.

I take 3 more phone calls through the hold, let the employee know not to worry about the power, and never actually reach a human being at the power company. Oh well. I had to hang up sometime.

I see my patients instead.

In between them, I call the Missouri number back. “Amy!” I say, as cheerfully as if she’s an old friend, “I’m all ready to make this payment to you.” I can hear an audible sigh on the other end. She is relieved. “But I just need to ask you one thing before I do that. Can YOU tell me what my account number is?”

Long silence. She starts to say something. I cut her off. “Or how about the last payment made and the confirmation number on that?”

Long silence again. She starts to say something, and I cut her off again. “I tell you what Amy, don’t even bother trying to think up a lie. You’re just…not that good.” She hung up on me.

So, you know, I called the number back. This time, I got a very loud, very angry,  highly combustible, and oddly sexually explicit man with a hell of a southern accent.

I said, “You know, you guys worked pretty hard to scam my dad out of some money today, and you wasted some of my time, and I wasted some of yours, because you guys just aren’t that good. I’ve been messing with you for hours. I consider it karma for all the people you’re screwing out of money.”

Combustible Man shouted, “You a cop? Cause you sho’ like that cop attitude don’ you?”

I thought about it. I decided on the truth. “Nope,” I said. “I’m a therapist. I’m here to tell you what you are doing is wrong, and elder abuse is a very serious crime. You are doing something very bad, and I hope you stop it.”

“I’m doin’ summin’ very bad? Girl, you don’ know what very bad IS. I bet you like to though. You come find out what kine o’ bad I am. It’s all good, my kine o’ bad. You come and suck my ***%$%@&@&@**#*#*@.” And he suggested a number of other really creative and utterly improbable things I do to him, and then to myself.

So here’s the thing: God helped us invent caller ID for a reason. Here’s the number they used to harass me. (816)-888-4441. I suggest, that if you are bored, or need to take a little frustration out on someone, these people are BEGGING for it. Karma. And I would find it wickedly funny if you share your story with me. You can do it at [email protected], or @KKringsLunder on Twitter.

The power company will have this number in their hands tomorrow, and then the police/feds will be tracing the hell out of it, I’m sure, because the Reason the power company couldn’t get a human on the phone with me is because of this scam. My dad talked to them though, and they are desperate for the number I have. So they shall have it.

A saint would have never written this blog. An angel with a crooked halo because she’s got a bit of horns protruding because someone tried to mess with her dad…that’s who wrote this.

I rather think these people getting harassed and caught for their crimes is perhaps the kindest thing that can happen at this point. Keeps them from digging the hole a little deeper, don’t you think?

Be kind, do something fun and funny today.


Conscious Living

I currently find myself swimming in currents of abundance. I’m tremendously grateful for this-it does also mean there’s an abundance of things to do.

Let me tell you my loves…I’m working very hard on a new neurofeedback video. It’s complex. Really complex. Because I’m trying to show you at least 3 things at once without making it 20 minutes long. In truth, I might have to split it into at least 3 separate videos for people who have patience and want to see it broken down, and just do one for people who don’t care about the separate engineering of it, the psychology of it, the music of it, or the images. Maybe. I can’t be all things to all people, nor do I want to be, but I do want to deliver you something awesome. Something that’s only 5 minutes long  has taken 10 hours of editing. I have a whole new perspective on post-production.

In the meantime, I don’t want myself or anyone else to lose focus on what’s Good. So here’s some Good. (And I never want to get pedantic or preachy, by the way…I just really want to share.)

Today I helped Wendy, my bestie, with the largest wedding show of the year. Wendy does good things in the world. She is an amazing mother. She is a wonderful friend. She is kickass enough to have started her own business. She helps brides keep their weddings fun and makes it beautiful.  None of this tells you enough about her, but she’s Good.

I also got to hang out with another bestie, Bridgette, at the wedding show, and that was also Good. Bridgette is hilarious and wise.

We all went for food and much needed drinks afterwards and long after Wendy went home to kiss her little girl and her husband, Bridgy and I caught up over margaritas. It’s below zero outside, so of course, that was a logical choice…I blame it on Wendy. She started it. She did. =)

And here’s what we talked about, summed up, and it’s Good.

I said, “You know, when you get Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired, and Afraid, and you’re really DONE- Just Done, and you Trust, even a Little Bit that there’s GOT to be something else, something better, something beyond negative scripts and bad programming in your head, and rough history, and Trying to Be, instead just BEING, THAT is where Good Living begins. I’m Happy.”

Bridgy and I agreed that there’s no competition, except what we create for ourselves, or accept from society, and you don’t have to care about any of it. Just be you, really. Stop being afraid that other people won’t like you for who you really are. Do you want someone to like you for who you Aren’t?

If people don’t like who you really are, and you’re good with who you really are, you aren’t going to CARE if they have a problem with you. Because you’re busy being You.

None of this is NEW or NEWS. But I know no one, including myself that doesn’t need to be reminded of this. Sometimes on a minute by minute basis if the day seems to be working against me. We can’t all be the Dalai Lama on a Zen Pouf, you know? Here’s some tips…and they came long before the margaritas brought a different kind of happiness.

Conscious Living

Decide you will Choose Happiness. (If you are disconnected from Happiness, from Source, from God, from the Universe, however you perceive it-ask to get reconnected. If you don’t believe in something God-Like outside of yourself-center yourself. Reconnection will happen in a hurry.)

Be You, as hard as you can Be, and you will find that You Are Beautiful, Inside and Out.

Your bad history, mistakes, whatever-don’t matter, except that you’ve learned from them.

Go forth without fear, and Live your life-it’s what you are Given, and what you have to Give.

There will still be times of grief, even when you choose happiness. This is part of life, and there’s nothing you can do about it- except know that it will pass, and the more you choose good things, the less impact grief will have. Be grateful for each day you do not have grief.

Love. It’s all there is. It’s all the Magic in the World. Love everything and everybody you can. (And don’t be pervy about it.)

Make the only thing wicked about you your sense of Humor.

Be Good.

This Is Me

Happy New Year! My Wish For You: May your roots keep you strong and growing. May your body be healthy. May your energy flow. May your heart be open. May your voice be heard. May your thoughts be kind. May you be surrounded by light and love.

Until we get things looking lovely around here again…this is me. From my smiling face to yours. And then there’s me on a bad day. See enraged Emu.

The Bard & I Be The LightPerspective

This is how I feel right now...

This could be me on a bad day. I have them every now and then…like the rest of humanity.


What’s GOOD in the World

I apologize for the visual mess around here. This blog is being repurposed, and is under all kinds of construction. It won’t look this way for much longer. I took down all my old posts, because they just aren’t relevant to the reinvention.

So why write at all if things aren’t quite ready around here? Well, it’s just Time. And this is lengthy, but it comes around full circle, there is a point, and I think you’ll like it. So hang out with me for awhile, why don’t you?

Here’s a little Table of Contents for the Impatient: (Also so you don’t have to read further than you want to.)

1. Amanda Palmer and Twitter

2. Suicide: Some Answers

3. What I Do

4. Neurofeedback

5. Brian Tyler

6. Thor 2

7. Tom Hiddleston

8. Allie Esiri: The Love Book

9. Tom Hiddleston Again

10. Good

Last night, while I was taking a break from Continuing Education Credits, (I know, what an Awesome Friday night,) I decided to check on Twitter. Like you do.

And I saw this tweet from musician Amanda Palmer (also married to author Neil Gaiman,) that a friend of hers had committed suicide. My heart just sank. It was the Third death I heard about yesterday, in less than 6 hours, although this one was admittedly not delivered in person. It was the second suicide I’d heard about in a week. And I thought-I’m going to be in my office until at least 2:00 am working…and I’ll be up until 4:00 am, because I always am. So I tweeted, ” I am a therapist, and if ANY of you need ANYTHING-I am available until 4am MST. DM (Direct Message) me if so. My heart goes out.” Because honestly, what good is it to be a therapist if you won’t help, or extend yourself when you can? Of course you’ve got to have good boundaries, but I had time.

I genuinely thought that tweet would go ignored. I’ve been Actually Using my Twitter account for oh…about 2 months, and in most cases, tweeting a celebrity is pretty much pointless. However, on some occasions, it does have merit, and I’ve been lucky and blessed in the social networking experience I’ve had so far. Because I’ve gotten some pretty amazing responses, and I’ve connected with people I never imagined I would. And this instance was surprising.

Amanda Palmer retweeted that comment, and people responded to it. Some people said “thank you”, about that comment, some people said they were glad it reminded them there is “kindness” in the world, and my response to that was heartfelt. “Thank you for kind words. If we don’t extend kindess to one another, we are nowhere.” That generated more response. Again, surprising, but good. Ultimately, I connected with some amazing people last night, and continue to do so, which is wonderful, because ultimately it’s not about me, but about a message I want to share, and I want as many people as possible to know about it.

Then a sad thing happened. Someone tweeted, to me, and to Amanda too,”I wish I were dead.” I thought, “I hope this is someone who wants some help.” They actually retreated fairly quickly at the offer of help. This isn’t really that surprising. It’s scary to Try Again and Have That Fail. I hope they will be safe. They said they would be. But I don’t know. I might not ever. Again, my heart goes out. I deleted the conversation that went back and forth, because that person might not want those things public if they are ever feeling better.

So, part of what goes through everyone’s mind when someone attempts or completes suicide, is, “Why didn’t they get help?” “Why didn’t help do more?” “Why didn’t I know?” “Why?” I have some answers for that, and they are the truth.

When someone is that depressed, whether it’s been for a brief time or a long time, they really and truly do feel completely hopeless about their situation. They are literally to a point where even talking about it seems pretty pointless-they can’t see any options, and they’ve been puzzling it out for a while, in most cases. Why would someone else have an answer they missed?

The truth is that someone else may not have an answer, per se. What they have is a map to help them out of The Dark Woods. And the person’s ability to take that map and Do Something with it is ultimately up to them, but they may not be able to do that without help.

Some people say, “Suicide is a selfish choice.” What you need to know is that the person who is contemplating or completed suicide has already thought of that. And they are so miserable, they perceive that it would be LESS selfish of them to be burdening the world with their presence. They essentially feel they are a poisoned well with no chance for redemption and no hope of help, and so they take the only path they REALLY AND TRULY SEE, which is to LEAVE THE WORLD. Tunnel vision in one of it’s most extreme forms. It’s completely erroneous, but it seems very real and accurate to the person ready to die.

And here we get into an ethical issue. It used to be illegal to attempt suicide. “Self murder” it was called in England, I believe. If you survived your attempt, you got to go to jail. Hooray, right? I’m sure That made people feel SO much better.

Now, if you survive your attempt, or someone intervenes, you go to the hospital. I’ve heard it argued many times from suicidal patients, “It’s my life. I should be able to take it.” There’s a tricky thing called “the client’s right to self-determination.” It means they DO have the right to choose. But should they have the right to harm themselves? Some people say yes, some people say no.

Ultimately, I believe the brain is so diseased from depression at the point of suicidal ideation that Major intervention to save a life is warranted, ethical and moral. I haven’t yet met a suicide survivor who wasn’t grateful for the help, after we fixed the serotonin problem and did some psychotherapy to help manage thinking errors, and get coping skills functioning again.

You need to know that when the brain gets sick with Depression, it’s the same as when a heart goes bad, or a lung, or anything else. So medical and mental health intervention is appropriate. It’s just that the brain is so often invisible to us-it’s hard to understand the thoughts. I hope that helps you understand. For more information on Suicide and Suicide Prevention, visit and

I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. That means I’m a psychotherapist that specializes in a lot of different things, and I try to give my clients the therapy that is right for THEM, not whatever therapy I happen to like best. One of the therapies I offer in my private practice is neurofeedback. It makes the brain visible by showing us what types of brainwaves people are producing. I can see what’s happening in the brains of my ADHD patients. I can see what’s going on with someone who is depressed, or anxious, or suffering from trauma or brain injury. And I have the technology and apps to help repair all of that. Once you are focused on a neurofeedback exercise for attention or relaxation, and you get at least a good 20 minutes of that, you get a process going called “neuroplasticity.” It essentially means the brain is opening up new neural pathways, has learned from the experience-and the brain starts to heal itself. Yes. Heals. Itself.

About 2 and a half months ago, I saw Thor 2: The Dark World, and I was utterly enchanted by the soundtrack. I bought it immediately. I don’t remember the last time I did that with a movie soundtrack. I just couldn’t stop listening. Still can’t.

It led to a happy accidental discovery for me and my clients. I was doing some neurofeedback with a young man with ADHD, and we had the Thor 2: The Dark World soundtrack going in the background, because a.)Like I said, I was enchanted, and b.) he needed something positive going to help him focus despite noise. Was NOT  expecting brainwaves to synch up in time to the music.  We were able to observe that effect due to the monitoring program we were using. It’s pretty awesome-you can check it out here, although this is not my client, this is a volunteer:

And it was so cool, I did it again, this time to show what happens with meditation and music.

And I tweeted the composer, Brian Tyler about it, because I wanted him to see it, and I wanted permission to use the music, and he said, “I have never seen my music represented visually in such an amazing way.” He gave permission to use the tracks-just link to iTunes. I can’t really say “thank you” enough to him for that.  I had to go learn more about him and his music. Honestly-he is amazing. He is funny, he is kind, he is incredibly talented, and he is a genius. Go watch the video for “Brake”. You’ll get the idea. I say somewhere on one of his videos that discovering his music is like seeing a beautiful lake…then you dip your toes in…and you go, “Ah…lovely”…then you keep walking, until before you know it, you are totally immersed, utterly bathed in the gorgeousness of the sound. I’m still walking around under the water of this music. It’s not a perfect metaphor. Shut up. 😉

Brian’s music has been nominated for 3 Oscars this year, and one of the Oscars is for Thor 2. The others are for Iron Man 3 and Now You See Me.

I’ve got to say, out of  Thor, The Avengers, and Thor 2, Thor 2 as a movie came out on top for me. Soundtrack had A LOT to do with that. I listen to it and my brain enters the kind of transcendental state monks hang out in when they are meditating on mountains. Bliss.  I’m not saying it was a better movie than The Avengers. I’m saying it had a more personal resonance for me. The music inspired me to want to do something big. Have an adventure.

Something else hopped out at me besides music-and really, it was even evident to me in the previews for the movie-the performance by Tom Hiddleston-who plays Loki. Truly, I’ve gone back and rewatched everything-his performance in all the movies is outstanding. But I was touched by the development and portrayal of his character in Thor 2. I was Leveled by what I felt was a damn near Shakespearean delivery of Loki while he is imprisoned. He pulled off a bad guy we love to hate, and managed to make him a functional oxymoron-wickedly funny, cruel but compassionate, fragile yet strong; ultimately-Human, although Loki himself would spit on the notion.

So as I watched Thor 2,  I had a lot of thoughts at the same time-you know how that goes when you’re in the middle of idea creation and flow.

One was, “I think I originally subconsciously chalked this character up to ‘one of the bad guys and let’s leave it at that’ because he’s essentially every bad guy I dated in my 20’s. If he and Jack Sparrow mated, that would be…all of them. Ew. They even look alike. Sheesh. Only fun on screen and in stories. Note to self-no more self analysis needs to be done on this issue.”

Another was, “Holy God, who IS this guy? I need to watch everything he’s ever been in. I haven’t seen acting like this…EVER. Well…maybe Sir Patrick Stewart. And Ian McKellan. But. Wow. This man is in his own category.”

Another was, “I need to start using Loki as a character in Narrative Therapy in addition to Coyote. Who doesn’t have a Trickster in their life?”

Yet another thought was, “I wonder if this guy has recorded audiobooks, because what a wonderful voice.”

(Yes, I know ALL this is blasphemy Hiddlestoners, and HiddlesLoons. I didn’t know Tom’s name then. I fixed that, ok?) =D

So off I went to find out  more about Tom Hiddleston. Audiobooks-yes. Available to me in the US? No. Damn you Audible.

I did find out about a very lovely audio project Tom continues to be involved in called The Love Book. You may have heard of it-it’s not tiny. 10% of the proceeds go to charity, and it’s a number one selling app in several countries. If you haven’t heard of it, get familiar, because it’s just wonderful. It’s the brainchild of Allie Esiri, who is a genius for putting it together the way she did. Celebrities with gorgeous voices reading you love poetry. Also, it’s interactive. You can write your own poetry, and record your own as well. Nothing short of awesome. I started using it in conjunction with neurofeedback, and have gotten some very positive results. Different from music, but no less amazing.

Back to Tom Hiddleston. Any Hiddles fan who made it this far without collapsing in frustration, I applaud you. Delayed Gratification, ok? 😉

I really expected to find nothing more about Tom than the usual when I went looking-filmography, maybe some factoids, and I DID find that. But I kept finding more. And more. And more. Thanks internet.

And the More I found…was him being involved in charity work, and not just a little bit. A Lot. See UNICEF. And him being interviewed, and not being remotely snide, or self-serving, but honest, and funny, and erudite, and generous of his time and energy, gracious to fans, a lover of Shakespeare (which explains a lot), and very humble without being totally self-effacing, and he is also a fantastic dancer. (I mean, seriously, I get a huge kick out of watching him “destroy” things via awesomeness while dancing. A chair falls. A mic falls. It’s possible inanimate objects are bowing down. It’s pretty much that good.)

He hangs out with Muppets. Teaches the Cookie Monster about Delayed Gratification.

He seems to be slightly bewildered and flattered about all the attention he gets from fans, and about being a sex symbol. That kind of makes me a little bit ill, because it means he gets objectified, and he doesn’t deserve that in a negative way…so hopefully that stays largely positive. Because…I accidentally stumbled across some pretty freaky fan fiction, just by Googling “Tom Hiddleston Fans” and went, “Tom must never ever Google himself.” Found out he doesn’t. Add Wise to the list.

NONE of this will be news to anyone that is a long-term or serious fan of Tom, but it’s recent for me. So here’s the thing-in this blaze of research, I thought, “I don’t think I am any longer looking at an Extraordinary Actor. I think I’m looking at an Extraordinary Person. He’s using his position to DO GOOD THINGS in the world. WAY above and beyond. Not just because it’s good for his career. Because I think he really means it. This man…has inspired me. I can do more. I will do more.” So I Am.

What started out as a fun side project to show what’s good about neurofeedback+music, and the healing effect it has on the brain has turned into my desire to tell people about what’s Good in the World. So what’s going to happen in future vids is some love for The Love Book, showing what happens to the brain when listening to it. It’s amazing.

Then we’re going to look at what happens to the brain on a crush. You want to see why you a crush is actually good for you, and what it’s all about, besides the obvious things? Got that coming up. What does the brain look like while listening to music+what I hope is a good slideshow of Tom Hiddleston’s  face+crush? Pretty beautiful, actually. He was the volunteer’s crush choice. You will totally be able to justify your crush of just about anyone, including Tom after this. =D

After that, we will be done, for the time being, with THORapy, (which I thought was dead clever of me until I saw that Tom and Chris Hemsworth already came up with that term.) We will move on to video games+musical score+neurofeedback.

We will talk about abuse and trauma and what it does to the brain and how you can heal from it.

We will talk about traumatic brain injury and how neurofeedback can help heal it.

We’ll talk about how art and media mix into therapy, and really, ultimately, all about what is GOOD in the world. I’m ready for a little Good News and Kindness, and Applauding that. Maybe you are too.

I hope you found what you came here for today-and maybe more. Right now, this project is small, but everything starts small, and becomes something else. You’re here at the beginning.

Be good, be kind. Do it despite the world.

PS: I think it should be noted there are A LOT of people that inspire me. Brian Tyler, Allie Esiri, and Tom Hiddleston just happened to be the perfect storm. Right place, right people, right time. Right everything. Sometimes it’s just that way. I’m glad of it.

Hello World…Resurfacing!

The site is under construction, starting today…for those of you that haven’t seen anything in a year…I’m sorry! I think the site will be much better for it. I have a new direction, and will also be linking this site with another website and a youtube channel. You can look forward to seeing some fantastic mental health information, humor, and more blogs about larger topics. I hope you’ll be patient, and I hope it will be worth the wait! Love to you.