What’s Good About This: Kind People, Being Kind to Yourself and Others

Today was an incredibly long day. I got up early and took my dad to the doctor. We’ve known he’s needed a back surgery since…oh-October at least, but he is his own worst enemy when it comes to actually scheduling it, and following through.

While I don’t know if we’ll go with this surgeon-(it’s far more invasive than his other options,) I really appreciated how kind the surgeon was, as well as his PA.

I knew the PA from a previous work environment, and she was wonderful there and in her new spot. She and the surgeon spent probably an hour and a half with my dad, talking him through his MRI’s and myelograms.

As a person that has worked with tons of physicians and nurses, I can’t really say enough how much I appreciated their time, attention, and that they LISTENED to my dad.

Far too often at the doctor it’s snappy questions, in and out, on to the next, and no listening. It’s really refreshing to find people that take the time. I understand that because of how patients are scheduled in clinics, physicians, nurses, and PA’s aren’t always Able to take the time, and this is a problem in our healthcare system that’s probably only going to get worse, as there’s no current external incentive for it to get better.

We don’t always feel kind.We don’t always want to say or do the right thing. It’s about practicing, it’s making yourself problem solve positively ESPECIALLY when things aren’t going well that builds kindness in your character. ┬áPlease, no matter who you are, no matter what you do, take this with you:

1. Choose Kindness As Often As Possible In Your Interactions With Others.

2. We are all in a Quest for Significance: Remember That You Are Important. (It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor or a janitor. You have purpose here. No one can do things exactly the WAY that you do them, and That’s what makes you unique and special.)

3. Be Kind To Yourself. (I realize how difficult this can be. It’s about erasing negative scripts, which are internal beliefs and messages you’ve encoded and replacing them with positive ones. For example, “I’m not enough” has to be replaced with some form “I am enough” that you can actually believe. Sometimes this takes a lot of time to change.

Scripts are extremely powerful-we’ll go there next time.