What’s Good About This: Perspective

Happy Monday. I don’t really have “Mondays” anymore, not like I used to, because I keep the hours I want and I am self-employed. I know, I am a blessed, lucky, and hard-working lady. But if you haven’t had your coffee yet, I bet the word “bitch” went off in your mind. It’s ok. I forgive you. And I feel for you. I really do. (If you are not doing something you LOVE, then the best advice I can give you is to think about what it is you DO WANT, and then set small, medium, and long-term goals to get there.)

I have a very abnormal sleep cycle-I do not reset. My Circadian Rhythm marches to it’s own beat, the shifty little sneak. (There’s a psychology sleep joke in there.)

So when Monday and the rest of the week ensued, I would always be operating on 4 hours of sleep or less. For years and years. I had to change my lifestyle or die, basically. That probably makes you hate me a little bit less.

And remember-you could always be doing this. Here’s a motivational video for you. Safe for work. =)