I cannot be one dimensional, because I am multi-faceted. We all are.

I have been a comedienne, an actress, a model, and curator of an art gallery. Those are just some of my past JOBS. What I do now for work is to be a psychotherapist and own a private practice. I love it.

A lot of therapists get into this very rigid pattern of behavior where they become who they are in the office-or try to be, and it wrecks them. Hell, everybody does that, to some extent. It’s why some people die so soon after they retire…besides of old age-they often feel they’ve lost their purpose.

I cannot separate and compartmentalize myself where I only show anyone just one side of me. I mean, if you’re sticking around for any length of time, I think it’s better to admit that up front.

This blog is dedicated to talking about GOOD, but I think it would NOT be good to pretend I have never been pitched into darkness or sunk to the bottom of the well. I think that would be folly.

As much as I love people who show us “The Way”…it can get tough to stay on track, because in our own quest to find “Our Way” and ┬áin the “Quest for Significance”, one of the things we do is compare ourselves against others. This is only useful insofar as it serves to give us inspiration and motivation. It is NOT useful when we say to ourselves, “I am not enough because I do not have…” or “I do not look like…” “Easy for them to say…” “They’ve never lived through…”

That only serves to make you feel like crap. So try not to do it-catch yourself if you can. Re-write those negative scripts. You are enough. Always. Always. Always.

Lucid Thoughts…

I will not pretend to be only happy, and relentlessly cheerful, because that is not the case. I have, however, learned happiness is a choice.

I will not say I come from an easy childhood or adulthood, because I don’t, although there are those who’ve had it far worse-and far better. I am happy with life in general.

I will not say I do not have a dark side-that would be false. I just…made friends with it a long time ago. I know what I’m capable of if I choose to use my powers for evil. I choose not to.

I will not say I am never afraid-that would be foolish. I’ve learned some ways not to let fear get the best of me.

I will not say I have never been mistaken, and gravely too, but I will say I have risen above. I have forgiven myself and others. I’ve done a better job not to miss the mark.

I will say I have lived just long enough to learn that Process IS Perfection.

I will not pretend to be anything or anyone other than me. I see no point to the contrary.

I will say I have suffered enough that I have some wisdom to share.

The price was worth it.