Congratulations and THANKS go to JOE for being The Biggest Munchkin and Scamming the Scammers in the most creative way I’ve heard of yet-which was to call them and yell at them in Arabic. You are SO getting a prize for that. What would you like?

Twitter is magic. It lets me talk to people I would otherwise never connect with. For any reason. Tonight, I got to chat about books and how they smell with composer Austin Wintory. I’ve got a neurofeedback project coming with his work and video games, and I’m very excited about it.

I got to chat with the wonderful Colleen Doran, who is “Thessaly” from The Sandman. She created art for the Sandman, and I’ve been loving her work for years. We had a silly chat about American Horror Story. I got an opportunity to tell her how much I love her work.

I love the magic technology provides in getting us connected and keeping us connected.

I keep making happy connections with other people who write books, make positive statements, work on suicide prevention, and create beautiful things.

I don’t care how many “followers” I have. I care that I keep meeting cool people.

I heard some nice things from people who tried the Conscious Living experiment…

One person said, “I felt like I looked at everything with new eyes.”

Another person said, “Life became interesting again.”

Another said, “I loved this. It was like learning how to do things all over again.”

Keep it coming.

It’s magic.