Yesterday is about as mean as I ever get-just so you know. I used to have nicknames like, “The Verbal Machete” and “Killer” because I had an acid tongue and an attitude that was generally combative. I was afraid of a lot of things then. I felt that a good offense was the best defense. Now, I think the ┬ánatural inclination I had to reach out to people when I was younger and explore the world with wonder is the Way for Me.

So one thing I want to tell you guys about, and I really hope you think about, and put into Practice, because this is GOOD, is the practice of Conscious Living.

If you can do it as much as possible, you will see your life become magical in all kinds of ways-I promise.

Let’s take a very mundane task, like drinking a glass of water. It’s automatic. You’re thirsty, so you hydrate. You don’t think about it.

But WHY are you drinking the glass of water, besides the obvious fact that you’re thirsty?

Are you doing it because you are consciously thinking about putting something lovely into your body that it needs? Are you really enjoying the sensation of your thirst being quenched? Are you experiencing the taste?

Or are you drinking because if you don’t, you know you’ll get dehydrated, and that will lead to bad things?

Are you asking someone how they are because it’s an automatic social nicety? Or are you doing it because you actually CARE in that moment?

We get two choices, really-love or fear.

If you focus on doing even the most mundane task with love for yourself and/or others, I think you’ll love the effect.

Let me know how it goes at @KKringsLunder on Twitter or at [email protected]