I currently find myself swimming in currents of abundance. I’m tremendously grateful for this-it does also mean there’s an abundance of things to do.

Let me tell you my loves…I’m working very hard on a new neurofeedback video. It’s complex. Really complex. Because I’m trying to show you at least 3 things at once without making it 20 minutes long. In truth, I might have to split it into at least 3 separate videos for people who have patience and want to see it broken down, and just do one for people who don’t care about the separate engineering of it, the psychology of it, the music of it, or the images. Maybe. I can’t be all things to all people, nor do I want to be, but I do want to deliver you something awesome. Something that’s only 5 minutes long  has taken 10 hours of editing. I have a whole new perspective on post-production.

In the meantime, I don’t want myself or anyone else to lose focus on what’s Good. So here’s some Good. (And I never want to get pedantic or preachy, by the way…I just really want to share.)

Today I helped Wendy, my bestie, with the largest wedding show of the year. http://uniquelyyoumt.com/ Wendy does good things in the world. She is an amazing mother. She is a wonderful friend. She is kickass enough to have started her own business. She helps brides keep their weddings fun and makes it beautiful.  None of this tells you enough about her, but she’s Good.

I also got to hang out with another bestie, Bridgette, at the wedding show, and that was also Good. Bridgette is hilarious and wise.

We all went for food and much needed drinks afterwards and long after Wendy went home to kiss her little girl and her husband, Bridgy and I caught up over margaritas. It’s below zero outside, so of course, that was a logical choice…I blame it on Wendy. She started it. She did. =)

And here’s what we talked about, summed up, and it’s Good.

I said, “You know, when you get Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired, and Afraid, and you’re really DONE- Just Done, and you Trust, even a Little Bit that there’s GOT to be something else, something better, something beyond negative scripts and bad programming in your head, and rough history, and Trying to Be, instead just BEING, THAT is where Good Living begins. I’m Happy.”

Bridgy and I agreed that there’s no competition, except what we create for ourselves, or accept from society, and you don’t have to care about any of it. Just be you, really. Stop being afraid that other people won’t like you for who you really are. Do you want someone to like you for who you Aren’t?

If people don’t like who you really are, and you’re good with who you really are, you aren’t going to CARE if they have a problem with you. Because you’re busy being You.

None of this is NEW or NEWS. But I know no one, including myself that doesn’t need to be reminded of this. Sometimes on a minute by minute basis if the day seems to be working against me. We can’t all be the Dalai Lama on a Zen Pouf, you know? Here’s some tips…and they came long before the margaritas brought a different kind of happiness.

Conscious Living

Decide you will Choose Happiness. (If you are disconnected from Happiness, from Source, from God, from the Universe, however you perceive it-ask to get reconnected. If you don’t believe in something God-Like outside of yourself-center yourself. Reconnection will happen in a hurry.)

Be You, as hard as you can Be, and you will find that You Are Beautiful, Inside and Out.

Your bad history, mistakes, whatever-don’t matter, except that you’ve learned from them.

Go forth without fear, and Live your life-it’s what you are Given, and what you have to Give.

There will still be times of grief, even when you choose happiness. This is part of life, and there’s nothing you can do about it- except know that it will pass, and the more you choose good things, the less impact grief will have. Be grateful for each day you do not have grief.

Love. It’s all there is. It’s all the Magic in the World. Love everything and everybody you can. (And don’t be pervy about it.)

Make the only thing wicked about you your sense of Humor.

Be Good.